Sunday, August 5, 2007

Thing #23

23 Things is an ingenious way for librarians to forge ahead with new technologies. It seems to me that new and emerging technologies will directly shape the future of libraries. Those who chose never to investigate these things will miss the challenge and the reward of wonder and discovery. The shared learning experience with my colleagues was an invaluable experience. Each endeavor with a colleague presented the opportunity to be the teacher or to be the learner or both, depending on my level of proficiency for that particular thing. I will continue to explore, discover and learn about new technologies. I look forward to watching libraries change and flourish.

Thing Learn About Audiobooks

After spending time exploring Overdrive and Project Gutenburg, I browsed Maryland's Digital eLibrary Consortium collection via CCPL. It's a pretty collection of books, especially for those interested in the classics.

HAMLET ON THE STREET - Monologue by Craig Bazan in Camden NJ

I enjoyed finding a high school drama student's video of his recitation of a Shakespearean monologue on a street in Camden, NJ. I was attracted to the video by the title, Hamlet on the Street. I also appreciated the video responses from others who critiqued the student's performance.

Thing Podcast Tools

Here's a family storytime where Dad is helping Annalee narrate the book, Touch & Feel Puppy. gives wonderful ideas for podcasting library pograms. Player

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thing Web 2.0 Awards

I explored I can see myself using it to get ideas for staging, directing and producing library podcasts. Strongly recommended.

Thing Productivity Tools

Has any library citizen in your knowledge turned down an opportunity to try an alternative to Microsoft Office?

Thing Sandbox

What a ingenious site!